The Wall Street Journal- “WINDSURFER” (Work-Tape Demo)

Roy Orbison MYSTERY GIRL DELUXE BONUS TRACK DEBUT from The Wall Street Journal– “WINDSURFER” (Work-Tape Demo)

“Demo songs are generally intended for musicians’ reference early in the process of making an album, which means they’re usually simple guideposts that lack the polish of the finished versions. Yet a demo can be an instructive example of how a tune evolves or, sometimes, a display of raw talent by an artist like Roy Orbison. Speakeasy today premieres a previously unreleased demo of Orbison’s ‘Windsurfer,’ from a coming 25th anniversary deluxe reissue of his posthumous 1989 album ‘Mystery Girl.’

With faint, warbling acoustic guitar and scratchy vocals, the demo is a pale shade of the lush version that ended up on ‘Mystery Girl,’ an album Orbison finished recording just a few weeks before his death of a heart attack in December 1988. Yet his vocal power and mastery of harmony are very much evident, and it’s not such a vast leap from the demo to the finished track.”

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