The Everly Brothers sing Roy Orbison’s “CLAUDETTE”

“We were backstage. I met the boys and Ike Everly, their father.  Everybody backstage was pitching songs.  They would sit down and say, ‘Sing four or five songs for the boys.’ I said, ‘I don’t think I’ll do that; I won’t impose on them.’ I started to leave the dressing room and they said, ‘Roy, do you have any songs?’ I said, ‘I’ve got one song.’ So, I sat down to sing that (Claudette) for them and they liked it very much and wrote the lyric down on the top of a shoe box.  Took it back to Nashville and recorded it and it was a co-number one with ‘All I Have to Do is Dream.”

-Roy Orbison telling the story of how The Everly Brothers came to record his song “CLAUDETTE”



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