Watch Joe Walsh, Roy Orbison III Perform ‘Rocky Mountain Way’

“Joe gave me my first cupcake and my Marshall amp,” 4-year-old says. “I love Joe!”

Joe Walsh may be currently unable to tour with the Eagles this summer, but he’s found himself a new bandmate: 4-year-old Roy Orbison III, grandson of the late Roy Orbison.

In the video above, Walsh performs with the child during a recent visit to Roy Orbison Jr.’s home in Nashville. Walsh, who is Orbison III’s godfather, guides him through his classic 1973 song “Rocky Mountain Way.”

Surrounded by the Orbison family — Orbison Jr. and his wife Åsa, two-year-old Bo Orbison and Alex Orbison — Walsh and Orbison III rip through the  The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get track, as Walsh’s wife Marjorie holds a microphone close by.

“Roy III plays guitar a lot,” Orbison Jr. tells Rolling Stone. “The first time we heard him play the whole song is the performance you see in the video. It was amazing!” Adds Orbison III: “Joe gave me my first cupcake and my Marshall amp. I love Joe!”

While off the road with the Eagles this summer, Walsh has kept busy by hosting his Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll Radio Show, an hourly program that airs on 88.5 FM in the Los Angeles area every Saturday. “This public radio station serves the community I live in and is funded by listeners,” Walsh said in a statement. “I like that men with ties don’t decide what I listen to.”

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