“The Way Is Love” by Roy OrbisonWith Roy’s sons: Wesley K. Orbison, Roy Orbison Jr, Alex Orbi Orbison.

Featuring Johnny Cash‘s son – John Carter Cash.This song was the last song written by Roy Orbison. He wrote it at the beach in Malibu with his favorite guitar, the same nylon-string guitar with which he wrote “In Dreams” all those years before.

Co-written with his lifelong friend and co-writer Bill Dees. When Roy completed the song, he walked into the another room to be alone. Closed the door. Sat down on the bed. Said a prayer. And cried with joy and happiness at the song which he considered a gift from God.

It was written for the “Mystery Girl” album and recorded as a demo on a cassette tape which was misplaced for many years. Finally restored and included in the 2014 expanded re-release of “Mystery Girl Deluxe” as a bonus track.

Completed with love by his children who recorded this video at Johnny Cash’s cabin in the same fields they were raised and their brothers perished in a fire in 1968.

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