At The Rock House

Roy Orbison at the Rock House is the first album by Orbison on the Sun Records label in 1961, at a time when Orbison had already moved to the Monument label. Sun Records owner Sam Phillips had a collection of songs Orbison had recorded at Sun between 1956 and ’58. Phillips capitalized on the national recognition Orbison had achieved at Monument through three major hit singles in 1960 and ’61 that had gone to the top of the Billboard charts.

1. “This Kind of Love”
2. “Devil Doll”
3. “You’re My Baby”
4. “Trying to Get To You”
5. “It’s Too Late”
6. “Rock House”
7. “You’re Gonna Cry”
8. “I Never Knew”
9. “Sweet and Easy to Love”
10. “Mean Little Mama”
11. “Ooby Dooby”
12. “Problem Child”

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