1956 Radio Advertisement for the Sun Record Company Package Tour Concert:

1956 Radio Advertisement for the Sun Record Company Package Tour Concert:

This radio advertisement of a 1950’s Memphis disc jockey is for the June 1st, 1956 concert at Overton Park Shell featuring Carl Perkins, Roy OrbisonJohnny Cash and Warren Smith. All were signed to manager Bob Neal’s company called Stars Incorporated. Tickets were $1. The show was the start of their summer tour and ELVIS PRESLEY came to the see. Elvis’ was impressed with Orbison and remained a lifelong fan. The tour is highlighted in the Johnny Cash movie “Walk The Line” in scenes such as Roy and Johnny blowing up homemade firework bombs. Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison had their clothes ripped off by masses of teenage girls many times. They were banned from towns, started riots, and had police escort them to the county line or face arrest. Next Year’s tour, 1957, included Jerry Lee Lewis in the lineup. Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!

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